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Greek creative Cuisine, pleasant ambience, warm people, days & nights to remember!

Mikro Karavi (“Little Boat” in Greek) restaurant, with a name inspired by a song from our childhood, opened its doors during 2008 at the Chora of Tinos, at the spot that many years ago was hosting the open-air cinema of the island. Comfortable, spacious and ideal for groups of friends, families, couples to experience Greek Cuisine with local soul and a creative touch. Excellent food made of special local ingredients and love is what stays unnegotiable, throughout the years, together with precious Greek wine.

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“Tinos is not only our homeland and the place where our children also grow up” but an island blessed with wild beauty, numerous traditional villages and the unique pigeon houses. It’s also one of those special islands in the Cyclades where everyone can experience gastronomy of high quality, at a small tiny tavern in the “astonishing” villages of the island or at a more high-end restaurant.

Our Team

Antonis and Stamatoula Psaltis, brother and sister, Chef and Restaurant Manager, born and raised in Tinos, the soul of Mikro Karavi, along with their team, welcome everyone with a shiny smile and the respect that everyone deserves!

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“It’s our honour to see our guests coming back every year”, while sharing experiences that they describe with pure quality, genuine hospitality, food they love to explore every year and the best wines of Greece to accompany it with.

Your Reviews

We deeply appreciate your opinion and comments across social media!

By far our favourite restaurant in Tinos.The dishes are very well thought through, inspired and super tasty.

Martini Petrov

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