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Unique Moments

& Experiences to Remember! Welcome to Mikro Karavi!

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A Warm Welcome!

A special Lunch or Dinner, authentic Food & Wine Pairings or Olive Oil Tastings and various events from Christenings & Weddings to group celebrations find their perfect spot here.

Food & Wine Pairings

The special Hamam is our tiny Cellar and the ideal spot for a gastronomic experience to remember! Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, we invite you to the three different sessions presenting “Tinos Wines”, “The Vineyards of the Cyclades”, “The Famous Red Wines of Greece”. During the 2 hours of the session, in small groups of 4-8 guests max, we will explore a range of different signature dishes of Mikro Karavi with the most relevant wines combined!

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The Wine Makers of Tinos are not only the creators of a special traditional and authentic product / spirit but also our partners and friends thanks to whom a holistic premium gastronomic experience is well created at Mikro Karavi. Pay a visit at the vineyards, explore the precious terroir and then join us in Chora for the perfect ending of your experience.

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Olive Oil Tastings

Greek Olive Oil, renown all around the world for its superior quality, is the main actor during this sensorial workshop. You will smell and taste some of the incredible flavors of the Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, while during a sensorial evaluation procedure you will be able to clarify the “extra virgin” olive oil and also ways to describe it such as “fruity”, “bitter” and “spicy”. Annita Zachou, Certified Oil Expert & Agronomist, joins us from Mykonos regularly to lead the Olive Oil Tasting, at Mikro Karavi.

Weddings, Christenings & More

Tinos with its numerous chapels and churches hosts special events for guests coming from all around the world. Weddings, christenings, birthdays, bachelors and many events take place every year at Mikro Karavi, especially during April, May & June and September & October. We put the exact same quality and love to every dish, as we do for every guest who visits Mikro Karavi throughout the season. Contact us and let’s organize together a memorable experience for you and your beloved ones!

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Make your Reservation & Join us!

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